14.03.2017 07:34

City councillor to slaughter his Dutch cow in protest Holland

In response to the diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Holland, Istanbul city councillor and Deputy Major of Beşiktaş district stated that in protest Holland, he is going to slaughter his Dutch cow.
Istanbul municipal council's sessions for March started with the discussion of Turkish-Dutch diplomatic crisis. Members of the governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) and main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) both condemned Holland's actions towards the Turkish ministers and their supporters in Holland.

An independent councillor and Deputy Major of Beşiktaş district, Hüseyin Avni Sipahi said he would slaughter one of his Dutch cows in his farm in protest Holland, despite the fact that "it is giving abundant and pleasant milk."

"Let's eat it together"

Ahmet Selamet, the speaker of the council supported Sipahi by saying, "Butcher it and invite all of us. Friends, Hüseyin Bey is going to slaughter his cow and we are going to eat it with pleasure."

Sipahi answered this proposal by saying "I am going to butcher it and invite you towards the Spring."

"A cow can be replaced but..."

Afterwards, Sipahi made the following statement: "Our council speaker suggested slaughtering the cow together. We are going to slaughter it. A cow can be replaced but if the relations are 'slaughtered,' like it happened with Russia, we will be in a tight spot for years."

Ezgi Çapa / Istanbul DHA