03.09.2015 17:28

“He slipped through my fingers” says father of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi

Father of toddler Aylan Kurdi of Syrian origin, marking the agenda with his picture lying lifeless facedown, washed ashore after a boat has capsized off Turkey’s Bodrum, on their “journey of hope” told reporters Aylan has slipped through his fingers, fallen overboard to the sea and drowned.
Abdullah Kurdi has lost his two children, Aylan and Galip Kurdi, along with his wife, 27-year-old Zahim Kurdi, while he reached the land and survived, over the deadly incident where 12 people including children have drown off.

Father Abdullah Kurdi added that his family has attempted to cross into the Greek island Kos two times, paid the money, but couldn’t achieve to leave Bodrum.

“One time, the coast guards stopped us; then we were released. The second time, organizers broke their word and did not bring the boat. Thus, we provided our own boat with our own means. But after 500 meters off the beach, the boat began to take on water. Our feet were all wet. As the water rose in the boat, a panic sparked. When we tried to stand, bad went to worse. We had lifejackets, but because the people tried to stand up with panic, the boat capsized. I was holding my wife’s hands. My children, they slipped through my fingers…”

“We tried to hold on to the boat. But it became to deflate. People were screaming in the darkness of night. That’s why I wasn’t able to make myself heard to my children, my wife. I tried to swim ashore, by tracing the light. When I managed to go ashore, I couldn’t find my wife and children. I thought they vanished with fear. We came to Bodrum, the ones who have survived. When I arrived to our meeting point in the city, I went to the hospital. I found out they were gone…”

The bodies of three Syrian migrants will be buried in Syria’s Kurdish Kobane town, where the Kurdi family has departed, said officials. The lifeless body of Zahim Kurdi has washed ashore around 04.30 a.m. in 100-meter distance to her children, added local reports.
Yaşar Anter / Muğla, (DHA)